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I've returned to blogging after a long hiatus. Seasons change, as do seasons of life. I'm now retired, still married to The Mister. Mom, grandma, great grandma are some of the hats I wear in addition to wife. Lover of books, swimming, chocolate, and sarcasm (but not simultaneously - the books will get wet and chocolatey). I dabble in crochet and writing (fiction, non-fiction, and poetry). I may occasionally write about crochet. I will most definitely write about family, and how being a grandma is the best gig in town. My original blog, The Ratio of Failures, has been retired. This is my second (and final act). Let's raise the curtain and start the show! I hope you'll join me, and leave comments so I don't have to talk only to myself. Join me in Flirting with Normal!

The Pandemic Allowed My Inner Hermit to Shine, and My House to Grow Dustier

The COVID-19 pandemic messed with our minds and bodies. As news of more cases were reported in nearly all states, there was a sense of pandemic panic. Toilet paper flew off the shelf – like that roll of Charmin was … Continue reading

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I Love (Most of) My Epic Dreams

I have begun sleeping like a champ. I’ll have a future post about how I’ve kicked insomnia’s ass. My sleep at night was extremely spotty. But I typically fell asleep at movies in the theater. It’s dark, it’s cozy, and … Continue reading

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Let WordPress for Dummies be My Guide

I feel like such a noob. I used Blogspot, beginning in 2009. Ages ago. I could add widgets, edit some HTML, and pretty up my blog to suit me. WordPress has a bit of a learning curve. And by ‘bit’, … Continue reading

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I Can Only Do Awkward Introductions, So Here Goes

How I imagine an in-person meeting will go: Legend: Me – Kim (me) Any text in italics indicates self-commentary. Doesn’t everyone silently talk to themselves? The Masses – you. I am going to re-create what I imagine your response(s) will … Continue reading

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Coming Soon!

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov I have had a dearth of that type of thinking lately, and my fingers turned twitchy in anticipation. I hope you’ll join me as I create/discover/rehash/whine/bitch/crow and brain dump … Continue reading

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